CANABI.CO comes from the passion and love for the cannabis plant. Ours is not a simple business, but a project with objectives that look to the future of cannabis. From the experience and passion for hemp comes the CANABI.CO project. We are producers of cannabis sativa. And we do this work to ensure a top quality product with selected strains and we guarantee products with a THC of less than 0.2% for the EU market. Our motivation is strong and today more than ever it is driven by the desire to participate in the front line of a great moment of change, tangible finally also on the Italian territory.

We are happy but above all, proud to finally be able to share with you all that these years of experience and research have yielded. CANABI.CO in fact offers you a careful selection of legal products, as they contain THC values that comply with current regulations, we are always careful in controlling the entire supply chain. CBD flowers and CBD extracts are our forte, we can find the product that is right for you! We guarantee transparency and the best quality of the products, thanks to careful chemical-biological analyzes that attest to both the raw material and the finished product, legal THC values, the highest CBD values of the selected varieties and the total absence of harmful substances.